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Hejex Technology offers best Flask training in Chennai . The teaching method provided by flask course in Chennai with live projects. You will learn from industry experts, who are corporate professionals and subject experts providing in depth flask class in Chennai. Students who complete flask course at Hejex have wide job opportunities in Chennai.

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Flask Course in Chennai

Hejex is one of the best flask training in chennai, offered for college students will enhance their skillset from the beginners to the advanced level. The best flask training center in Chennai provides the best classroom and online training with flexible training scheduled by working flask professionals with designed modules.

  • 100% practical Training

  • Industry Experts as Trainers

  • Create your Own Projects

Flask Training in Chennai

Hejex is the best Flask training institute in Chennai. We offer courses on the latest technology for Flask developer. All our courses are structured by IT experts. We provide free aptitude and communication classes to freshmen, which will help them prepare for the interviews.

  • Our course is designed with a motive to help you understand the concepts of Python Flask. The course will help you fetch the highest-paying jobs in top MNCs. As part of this training, you will be working on real-time projects and assignments that have immense implications in real-world industry scenarios.
  • We deliver the best Flask training in Chennai, covering all course modules during the Flask training classes .
  • By enrolling in our course, you will gain a deep understanding of these concepts and learn how to apply them in real-world scenarios.
  • By the end of the course, you will not only have a strong theoretical foundation but also the ability to create your own projects in Flask.
  • Our course will equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in this rapidly growing industry.

Flask Training in chennai

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Flask Training in Chennai


  • Python Intro
  • When we use Python?
  • Python History
  • Data Types
  • Variables
  • Installation
  • Compile Time
  • RunTime
  • Conditional Statements Intro
  • Indentation
  • Simple if
  • if..else
  • elif Ladder
  • Nested If
  • Looping Statements Intro
  • Types of Loops
  • While Loop
  • for Loop
  • Types of For Loop
  • Nested For Loop
  • Function Intro
  • Types of Function
  • Scope of Variable
  • Function without arguments
  • Function with arguments
  • Function without Arguments and has no return value
  • Function with Arguments and has no return value
  • Data Structures Intro
  • Use of Data Structure
  • List Intro
  • Access the List
  • Change the List Items
  • Add List Items
  • Remove List Items
  • Loop Lists
  • Tuple Intro
  • Difference between List Tuple
  • Access Tuples
  • Update Tuple
  • Unpack Tuple
  • Dictionary Intro
  • Access Items
  • Change Items
  • Add Items
  • Remove Items
  • Dictionary Intro
  • Access Items
  • Change Items
  • Add Items
  • Remove Items
  • Set Intro
  • Access the Set
  • Add Set Items
  • Remove Set Items
  • Loop Sets
  • Strings in Python
  • Multiline Strings
  • Slicing Strings
  • Modify Strings
  • Oops Intro
  • Why Oops is important?
  • Types of Oops
  • What is Class?
  • What is Object?
  • Object Creation syntax
  • What is a Method?
  • Passing Arguments to Methods
  • Why to use Self keyword?
  • What is __init__?
  • Inheritance Intro
  • Types of Inheritance
  • Single Inheritance
  • What is super keyword?
  • Polymorphism Intro
  • Types of Polymorphism
  • In Built Polymeric Function
  • User Defined Polymeric Function
  • Polymorphism with classes
  • Polymorphism with Inheritance
  • Exception Handling Intro
  • Three Major Exception Handling
  • Syntax Errors
  • Exception Errors
  • Logical Errors
  • try block
  • exception block
  • Multiple exception Block
  • User Defined Exception
  • finally
  • try..else in python
  • Modules Intro
  • Types of Modules
  • Built in Modules
  • User defined Modules
  • Passing arguments to modules
  • Runner file
  • File Handling Intro
  • Uses of File Handling
  • How to Create a File
  • Write a File
  • Read a File
  • Delete a File
  • HTML Intro
  • HTML – Elements
  • HTML – Tags
  • HTML – Text
  • HTML – Formatting
  • HTML – Pre
  • HTML – Attributes
  • HTML – Font
  • HTML – Text Links
  • HTML – Comments
  • HTML – Lists
  • HTML – Images
  • HTML – Image Links
  • HTML – Tables
  • HTML – Forms Intro
  • HTML – Inputs
  • CSS Intro
  • CSS Syntax
  • CSS Selectors
  • Types of CSS
  • Styling Background
  • CSS Box Model
  • CSS Margin
  • CSS Padding
  • Borders
  • Border Radius
  • Backgrounds
  • Text Effects
  • Text Shadow
  • Text
  • No Wrap
  • Fonts
  • Word Wrap
  • Word Break
  • Flask Intro
  • Virtual Env
  • Installation
  • Project Creation
  • Create App
  • Flask Views
  • Flask URLS
  • Flask Templates
  • Flask CSS
  • Add Static Files
  • Modify Templates
  • Collect Static Files
  • Modify the Master Template
  • Check Styles
  • Flask Variables
  • Flask Tags
  • Flask If Else
  • Flask For Loop
  • Flask Comment
  • Flask Include
  • Flask Slug
  • Flask Models
  • Flask Insert Data
  • Flask Update Data
  • Flask Delete Data
  • Flask Update Models
  • QuerySet Intro
  • QuerySet Get
  • QuerySet Filter
  • QuerySet OrderBy
  • Flask Admin
  • Create User
  • Include Models
  • Set List Display
  • Update Members
  • Add Members
  • Delete Members
  • Add Links to Details
  • Add Master Template
  • Add Main Index
  • Flask 404
  • Add Test View
  • RestAPI Intro
  • RestAPI Methods
  • Flask Rest Framework
  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Serialization
  • Rest API using DRF
  • Setup Endpoints
  • CRUD Operations
  • Data Validation

About Hejex Technology

Hejex is the best flask training institute in Chennai. We offer courses on the latest technology such as java developer, python developer, full stack training in chennai, data science using python, blockchain developer, etc. All our courses are structured by IT experts. We provide free aptitude and communication classes to freshmen, which will help them prepare for the interviews.

Hejex offers latest trending courses which the companies expect from the fresher’s. All the courses we provide are well analysed based on the company standards and requirements also what company expects from the candidates. As a Software training institute we update our courses and modules based on the company needs.

Our Key Achivements

  • Around 2000+ Students got Placed in Top Most MNC Companies
  • Around 7+ years in the Industry with syllabus designed by Industrial Experts
  • Hejex is the Top rated Best Python Training Insitute in Chennai. What After College
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Hejex Technology stands out as the best python training institute in Chennai for several key reasons. Firstly, Hejex Technology has a team of highly experienced and skilled trainers who have extensive knowledge and expertise in Python programming. These trainers possess a deep understanding of the language and are well-equipped to guide and mentor students in their Python learning journey.

Hejex Technology offers flexible learning options to its students. They provide both classroom-based training as well as online training, allowing students to choose the mode of learning that suits them best. This flexibility ensures that students can learn at their own pace and convenience, without compromising on the quality of education.

Hejex Technology has a track record of producing successful Python professionals. Many of its past students have gone on to secure lucrative job opportunities in top companies. This success can be attributed to the institute's commitment to providing high-quality training and its focus on practical learning.

Hejex Technology stands as the best Python training institute in Chennai due to its experienced trainers, comprehensive curriculum, practical training approach, flexible learning options, and a proven track record of producing successful professionals in the field.

Hejex Technology provides a hands-on learning experience for their students. They offer practical training sessions where students can apply the theoretical concepts they have learned in real-world scenarios. This practical approach helps students develop a strong understanding of Python programming and enhances their problem-solving skills.