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If you are in search of the best Java Selenium training in Chennai, your search ends here. Our automation testing training program in Chennai is specifically designed to provide you with the comprehensive skills and knowledge required to excel in the field of software testing. Take the first step towards a successful career in software testing and join our Selenium training program.

Java Selenium Course Chennai


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Java Selenium Course in Chennai

Hejex is one of the best Java Selenium training in chennai, offered for college students will enhance their skillset from the beginners to the advanced level. The best Java Selenium training center in Chennai provides the best classroom and online training with flexible training scheduled by working Java Selenium professionals with designed modules.

  • 100% practical Training

  • Industry Experts as Trainers

  • Create your Own Projects

Java Selenium Training in Tambaram

Hejex is the best Java Selenium training institute in Chennai. We offer courses on the latest technology for Software Testing. All our courses are structured by IT experts. We provide free aptitude and communication classes to freshmen, which will help them prepare for the interviews.

  • One of the main objectives of our course is to familiarize students with Java programming language.
  • Students will learn how to write efficient and maintainable test scripts using Selenium WebDriver.
  • we introduce students to continuous integration and testing practices.
  • By the end of the course, you will be capable of building scalable and maintainable test automation frameworks.
  • Hejex Technology aims to provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the field of automated software testing.

Java Selenium Training in chennai

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Java Selenium Course in Tambaram

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Java Selenium Training in Chennai


  • Intro to Java
  • Advantages
  • Data types
  • Variable
  • Naming conventions
  • Class
  • Object
  • Runtime
  • Conditional Statements
  • Types of Conditional Statements
  • Simple if
  • If…else
  • Else If Ladder
  • Nested If
  • Switch
  • Looping Intro
  • Types of loops
  • While Loop
  • Do…while Loop
  • For Loop
  • Nested For loop
  • Array Intro
  • Types of Array & Syntax
  • Single Dimensional Array
  • Multidimensional Array – 2D Array
  • String Intro
  • Why String is immutable?
  • String Methods
  • String Buffer
  • Why StringBuffer Is Mutable?
  • String Builder
  • OOPS Intro
  • Class
  • How to access the class?
  • object
  • Object Creation
  • Dot Operator
  • Uses of Dot Operator
  • Triggering an Object
  • Method
  • Types of Methods
  • User Defined vs Pre Defined
  • Methods without Argument and has no return value
  • Methods with Argument and has no return value
  • Methods without Argument and has return value
  • Methods with Argument and has return value
  • Oops Intro
  • Why Oops is important?
  • Types of Oops
  • What is Class?
  • What is Object?
  • Object Creation syntax
  • What is a Method?
  • Passing Arguments to Methods
  • Why to use Self keyword?
  • What is __init__?
  • Inheritance Intro
  • Types of Inheritance
  • Single Inheritance
  • What is super keyword?
  • Polymorphism Intro
  • Types of Polymorphism
  • In Built Polymeric Function
  • User Defined Polymeric Function
  • Polymorphism with classes
  • Polymorphism with Inheritance
  • Constructor Intro
  • Use of constructor
  • Rules of Constructor
  • Types of Constructor
  • Default Constructor
  • Parameterized Constructor
  • Why Copy Constructor is not Supported in Java?
  • Does JAVA has Destructor?
  • Inheritance Intro
  • Uses of Inheritance
  • Types of inheritance
  • Base class ,Derived class ,Super class
  • Single inheritance
  • Multilevel Inheritance
  • heirachical Inheritance
  • hybrid Inheritance
  • Polymorphism and its advantages
  • Types of Polymorphism
  • Types of Binding
  • Method Overloading
  • Conditions
  • Method Overriding
  • Overloading vs Overriding
  • Encapsulation Intro
  • Advantages
  • Read Only Class
  • Write Only Class
  • Getter & Setter Methods
  • Exception handling Intro
  • Advantages
  • Why we use Exception handling?
  • Types of Exception handling
  • checked Exception
  • Types of Checked Exception
  • Unchecked Exception
  • Type of unchecked Exception
  • Keywords
  • Try, catch, finally blocks
  • throw
  • throws
  • throw vs throws
  • Testing Intro
  • Nessisty of Testing
  • Types of Testing
  • Manual Testing Intro
  • Scripting test Scenarios
  • Test Case Validations
  • IDE Intro
  • Installation
  • Creating first script using record and playback
  • Inspector Tools
  • Generating Scripts using different WebElements
  • Handling Wait Commands
  • Handling Validations Commands
  • Handling Store Commands
  • Limitations of IDE
  • First Program on selenium
  • Verify Page title in Selenium Webdriver
  • Navigation in selenium
  • Radio button and Checkbox in Selenium Web driver
  • Handling Auto Suggestion
  • Handling Drop down List
  • Handling File upload using Sikuli/Auto IT
  • Handling Drag and Drop in Selenium
  • Handling Mouse Hover, Keyword Events using Action class
  • Synchronization using web driver(Waits)
  • How to take screenshot using selenium
  • How to Take Multiple Screenshots
  • How to capture Error message using web driver
  • Handling Multiple windows
  • Handling Alert Messages
  • Handling IFrames
  • Cross Browsing using selenium
  • Complete details of Dynamic XPath in Selenium
  • Lock in Dependencies
  • Complete details on CSS in selenium
  • How to download files in Selenium Web driver
  • Handling Web Table
  • Handling Web Calendar
  • Logs in Selenium
  • How to use Properties File in selenium
  • Framework Intro
  • Test NG
  • New- Installation of TestNG
  • Create First TestNG Program and Execute
  • Check reports generated by TestNG
  • How to execute only failed test cases in Selenium Web driver
  • Implement Test-NG Listener
  • Run Group Test cases
  • Run Multiple Programs
  • Execute Selenium Web driver Test cases parallel using TestNG
  • XSLT report generation generation using TestNg and Ant
  • Building a BAT file to run tests using ANT
  • Putting Data providers for multiple tests in a single file
  • Parameterizing/Sharing single data provider for multiple test cases
  • TestNg Maven Configuration
  • Maven-surefire-report-plugin with TestNG
  • Executing testng from maven on Command Prompt
  • Generating Maven Surefire Reports
  • Generating XSLT Reports with Maven
  • Managing Multiple test Suites
  • Continuous Integration
  • Jenkins and how it helps in CI
  • Downloading and installing Jenkins
  • Executing simple batch commands
  • Scheduling time for test execution
  • Executing Selenium Project builds with ANT
  • Build Triggers
  • Mailing if build fails
  • Configuring/Scheduling Maven Project in Jenkinst

About Hejex Technology

Hejex is the best Java Selenium training institute in Chennai. We offer courses on the latest technology such as java developer, python developer, full stack training in chennai, data science using python, blockchain developer, etc. All our courses are structured by IT experts. We provide free aptitude and communication classes to freshmen, which will help them prepare for the interviews.

Hejex offers latest trending courses which the companies expect from the fresher’s. All the courses we provide are well analysed based on the company standards and requirements also what company expects from the candidates. As a Software training institute we update our courses and modules based on the company needs.

Our Key Achivements

  • Around 2000+ Students got Placed in Top Most MNC Companies
  • Around 7+ years in the Industry with syllabus designed by Industrial Experts
  • Hejex is the Top rated Best Python Training Insitute in Chennai. What After College
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Java Selenium FAQ'S

Selenium is a free (open-source) automated testing framework used to validate web applications across different browsers and platforms. You can use multiple programming languages like Java, C#, Python, etc to create Selenium Test Scripts. Testing done using the Selenium testing tool is usually referred to as Selenium Testing.

Selenium Automation Tester salary in India ranges between ₹ 3.8 Lakhs to ₹ 14.0 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 6.1 Lakhs. Salary estimates are based on 296 latest salaries received from Selenium Automation Testers.

The candidate should have used Selenium IDE for recording scripts and creating test suites.
He must have covered module based test scenarios that help to validate the application before deployment.For advanced skills, he should have used continuous integration tools like Bamboo or Jenkins.
He should know how to run the Selenium tests from the Jenkins dashboard.
A basic level of HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS knowledge is what required to work with web applications.

Since Java is a widely used language in the IT industry, there is a huge community supporting it along with the massive repository of references.
Nearly 77% of Selenium Testers are using Java which makes knowledge sharing very easy and quick. Java is around since asges because of which, there is an abundance of readily available frameworks, plugins, APIs and libraries that supports Java for test automation.
Java makes use of JVM which makes it a platform-independent language. In other words, you can use it in any Operating environment where JVM is installed.

Selenium consists of a number of tools that do different things: Selenium IDE, Selenium WebDriver and Selenium Grid. These tools support a number of browsers, operating systems, and programming languages, so that Selenium essentially fits the needs of many software testers
Selenium frameworks based on the functional approach are classified into three main types: Data-driven framework. Keyword driven framework. Hybrid framework.
Java is the most popularly used programming language for Selenium across the world. The below graph shows the usage of Java over other programming languages in India and US.