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We are committed to providing you with the best professional mentorship and real-world training experiences to help elevate your expertise. Our team of experienced professionals are dedicated to sculpting your skills and guiding you towards success. Through our job-oriented trending software training courses, you will have the opportunity to master the industrial skills that are in high demand. Join us on this journey to pave a successful career path for yourself.

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At Hejex Technology, we recognize the critical significance of keeping pace with the evolving landscape of the software industry. As a premier Software Training Institute in Chennai, Hejex ensures that our curriculum is meticulously curated to include cutting-edge technologies and industry trends.

We take pride in our team of expert trainers who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to our classrooms, providing a balanced blend of theoretical learning and hands-on practical training. Catering to a diverse range of learners, from individuals embarking on their career journey to seasoned professionals aiming to enhance their skillset, Hejex Technology stands out as the quintessential destination for software education and upskilling in Chennai.

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Hejex Technology is one of the Best software training institutes in Chennai. Our training programs to both fresher and experienced professionals, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge in their respective jobs. We offer a wide range of courses, including Java Training, Python Training, Full Stack Developer Course In chennai, Selenium Testing, Web Development, UI/UX Designer Course, Front-end Development, Blockchain, and React JS Training in Chennai.

At Hejex Technology, we take pride in providing top-quality training programs for aspiring IT professionals. We believe in a practical approach to learning and ensure that our students receive hands-on training that prepares them for the challenges of the IT industry.

We understand the importance of flexibility, which is why we offer both online classes and classroom training live sessions to accommodate the needs of our students. Additionally, our fees are affordable, ensuring that quality education is accessible to all

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20-05-2024 Chennai

Full Stack - Classroom Training

20-05-2024 Chennai

Full Stack - Online Training

20-05-2024 Chennai

Python Training - Classroom Training

20-05-2024 Chennai

Web Development - Classroom Training

22-05-2024 Chennai

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Expert Faculty: Hejex prides itself on its faculty members who are experts in their respective fields. They bring extensive industry experience and academic knowledge to the classroom, ensuring that students receive top-notch training

5 Students in a Batch:Hejex Technology is well known for it 5 Students in a Batch which empowers the students to interact with the Instructors and gain the knowledge on the ongoing topics. Even the trainers will focus on the student project and support them to complete the indiviual projects.

Practical Training: Theory is important, but practical experience is crucial for skill development. Hejex Technology emphasizes hands-on training, providing students with ample opportunities to work on real-world projects, case studies, and simulations.

Placement Assistance: Hejex goes the extra mile to ensure that its students are not just well-trained but also well-placed in reputed companies. The institute offers dedicated placement assistance services, including resume building, interview preparation, and connecting students with job opportunities.

Classroom Training: Traditional classroom training where students attend lectures, interact with instructors, and engage in hands-on activities in a physical classroom environment.

Online Training: Virtual classes conducted over the internet, allowing students to participate from anywhere with an internet connection. Online training offers flexibility and convenience, making it ideal for working professionals or those unable to attend in-person classes.

Weekend Batches: Specifically designed for working professionals who may not have time during weekdays, weekend batches offer classes on Saturdays and Sundays, allowing students to pursue their studies without disrupting their work schedule.

One-on-One Training: Personalized training sessions where students receive individualized attention from instructors. This mode of training is beneficial for students who require focused guidance or have specific learning objectives.

Hybrid Training: A blend of classroom and online training, providing students with the flexibility to attend classes in person or remotely based on their preferences or circumstances.

Course Fees: Course fees can vary depending on factors such as the duration of the course, the subject matter, the level of expertise provided, and any additional resources or materials included. Hejex Technology's Course fees are miniamal where all the students can upgrade their skills.

Installment Payment Options: Hejex Technology offer installment payment options to make it easier for students to manage their finances. Instead of paying the entire course fee upfront, students can choose to pay in installments over a specified period. The number of installments and the duration between each installment can vary depending on the Courses and the duration of a course

Resume Building: At Hejex Technology, we understand the importance of presenting yourself effectively to potential employers. Our resume building sessions equip you with the skills to craft a professional and impactful resume that highlights your strengths and experiences.

Mock Interviews: Mock Interview sessions provide invaluable practice and feedback, helping you hone your interview skills and boost your confidence. With personalized guidance from industry experts, you'll be well-prepared to impress recruiters and land your dream job.

Aptitute & Communication: At Hejex Technology, we recognize the significance of both aptitude and communication skills in today's competitive job market. Our aptitude training sessions focus on sharpening your problem-solving abilities, logical reasoning, and quantitative skills, preparing you to excel in various assessment tests and interviews.

Interview Programs: Prepare for success with Hejex Technology's comprehensive interview question sessions. Our experienced trainers guide you through common interview scenarios, providing insights into the types of questions you may encounter and the best strategies for answering them.

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